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) in that your married friends are still the outliers, and almost no one you know is having kids and approaching life as an actual adult still feels kind of optional. In addition to the obvious stuff of a 23-year-old having the body and physical energy and make-out enthusiasm of…

a 23-year-old, there is this space ahead of them not yet populated by the bruises of broken hearts and bad relationships, and the hurt of the inevitable limitations and disappointments of life, even a life that is super-lucky, super-happy, and super-cool.

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Not to shade my 30-year-old dude-brethren—no one age is inherently better or worse than another—but a much-younger guy (who is, of course, already an adult with a perspective of his own) can feel like a vacay from the particular difficulties of men who have had to come to terms with their new hairlines and old girlfriends. With seven or whatever years on him of finding your way in the world, you know an incredible amount that he doesn’t, and he probably likes that about you and wants to be close up to your experience and intelligence and difference.

And maybe the best thing is who you get to be to him. (And, your advanced sex moves.) Here, it’s the same principle as anyone dating an older anyone, which is a tale as old as a twice-divorced bank executive, but when it’s a guy who is way younger, I just sexistly think that the confidence he has to have to go for that shifted paradigm is doubly attractive.

And while I helped him fill out quickly the main points in his profile - there was also the women's range of age automatically set at about 6years below and 4years above his age - so I changed the latter to 6years above.

He then looked at me with big, slightly incredible eyes and asking me "are you sure? "Yeah, I'm sure, cause if you've liked and found me attractive, than maybe you should consider 6 too ". " Some just need a little push towards their luck and better chance . v=p9p Jp MJ0Ix E&t=29s Countries for winners and losers: https://

If they go down this low they want the exact opposite. The girls my age wanna just party and drink all the time and I guess they consider me boring and they dont want long term relationships. I just said nothing 2 weeks long like my last relationship Plus im more physically attracted to women that age It could be. I also like slightly younger men, and have been often told I look younger too. v=p9p Jp MJ0Ix E&t=29s Countries for winners and losers: https://

In another thread there was a woman in her 40s who just moved in with her 25yo. v=kbp Y-2n OYRI&t=3s Say no to porn and prostitution: https://

v=g RJ_Qf P2mh U Oh, thanks for the gif - he's a cutie . just the other day, I introduced a study friend of mine to an online dating site - after it was clear he likes me and started asking question about my single status etc.

When he heard I already have a bf - he was all "aaawww, that's such a pity...

" several times, it escaped him involuntarily as soon as I said it and realisation sank in - he was very adorable .

I wanted to help him instantly, so I recommended and showed him the site where I met my bf.

If they go down this low they want the exact opposite. If you find one who is interested in anything serious, she's likely going to be a bit fukked in the head and has some glaring issues that dudes her own age won't tolerate.

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