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-(WT-en) phma , (EDT) The more I think about this question the more firmly I start to feel about always listing the whole number in the format which a mobile phone can parse.I have a couple of reasons for thinking this way: My thoughts exactly.All of this leads me to conclude that: Chris, you've based this on the very incorrect assumption that we always dial all 10 digits of a 10-digit number.

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This is my main reasoning for always putting the country code in the listing: It's exactly what you would dial into a mobile no matter where you are in the world. I would favor the longest number you can dial from a cellphone, payphone, and a normal phone.

-- (WT-en) Mark , (EDT) The reason that I lean against that idea is for the following reasons: Countercounterpoint: This July I spent some time with a LP in Dublin figuring out how to dial the numbers for hotels on my cell-phone. After some time in an area you might start skipping unecessary digits.

We haven't been 100% consistent on phone numbers in the past.

Although most of the listings formats say to leave off the area code, some discussion pages have talked about leaving them in.

Secondly, I'd like to put myself into the always write the 10-digit number camp.

If you put only seven digits in, you always have to look at Contact first to see which area code is needed before you can usefully use the phone number.

Therefore I'd vote for " " prefixed numbers (not " 1" prefixed :-).

Anyhow, I don't feel really strongly about this, but I guess my thinking on the issue is a little different from the other views being expressed, so I thought you would like to read it.

How about we just put the area code in one place ("Contact") and stick with the (very simple) rule of just writing phone numbers as they would be dialed locally? So in cases in the USA/Canada where 10 digit dialing is the norm (which is pretty much every metropolitan area with greater than one million people), what format should we use? --(WT-en) Bletch , (EDT) Well, i live in the Dominican Republic, and we no longer have to write phone numbers as a 7-digit format, because this year a new area code (the actual area code is 809, the new code is 829) will be introduced in an overlay style (809/829)(actually we're in the transition period, when it's still permisive the 7-digit dialing, that ends on August 1st., 2005.), so the number format for calls within the Dominican Republic will be XXX-XXX-XXXX.

You know, newer phones, like almost all mobile phones can take the whole number including the country code and then figure out what to dial based on where they are calling from.

--(WT-en) Evan , (EDT) What is the correct way to do phone numbers within "country code one" (USA, Canada, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, etc? I've seen them written the following ways: I disagree.

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